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Kids in the Kitchen: Baking disaster Hot Cross Buns

You may recall that we had a good Easter this year. A very good Easter. But one thing that didn't turn out too well was making our own Hot Cross Buns.

I feel really glad that this was the year that we finally got around to having a go at making some. But sadly they didn't turn out quite right. It was Yen from GoodyFoodies that inspired us to have a go. When I read her first paragraph of her Hot Cross Bun post, I realised that could have been me. Good intentions every Easter but never quite getting around to it. So we decided to go for it.

We dug out D's Masterchef cookery book. After all you can't go wrong with that. Or can you...

We did change the recipe slightly and used 40g of honey instead of the sugar in the recipe. But I don't think that was the problem.

Miss T did a great job of kneading the dough, so I don't think that was the problem.

She got covered in flour...
but didn't seem to mind!

However long we left them they just would not rise! I think it is because we used milk that was too hot when making the dough and it must have killed the yeast and stopped it working.

We brushed them with milk prior to cooking and then with heated apricot jam once cooked. With hindsight I should have heated the jam with water then strained it as it was a bit too gunky and sticky as it was.

So a few lessons learnt there I think. But that is the beauty of baking that I am discovering. Things go wrong, but you can still learn something from it. And anyway they still tasted ok....just about.

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  1. Oops sorry to hear the hot cross buns didnt turn out that well! But there is always next year... practice makes perfect!

    1. absolutely. I'm keen to have another go to find out if we can manage to get it right next time. x

  2. oh fabulous post, at the end of the day you guys had some fun and I'm sure next time they'll be perfect :D

    1. Miss T didn't seem to notice that they didn't turn out quite as they should and we all ate them so can't have been all that bad after all. x

  3. Well they look ok, and I would certainly eat them, risen or not!

  4. In my books, if it's edible it's a success :) And Miss T looked like she was having fun xx


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