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Kids in the Kitchen: Postman Pat Cakes

At the supermarket last week, Miss T spotted a Postman Pat cake mix packet and for a mere 99p. I thought it was a bargain for getting a bit of quality time with Miss T in the kitchen.
 The great thing about using a kit is that it is so easy that Miss T was able to sit at the table so it was a bit easier on her arthritis than standing on a chair to reach the kitchen workshop as she often has to do.
 She got the paper cases set up in a muffin tray and had great fun mixing the cake mix together with an egg and a little water.
 She also loved mixing the icing sugar with water to make a paste.

I left it entirely to her to ice the cakes and put the Postman Pat wafers on. She really had fun.

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  1. my kids love the packet mixes too. I'm always trying to put them off, we've got a cupboard full of cupcake ingredients and decorations, but when faced with some of their favourite characters and cakes that are so easy to make then I've no chance. You have to look out for the bargains though, 99p is great, some are lots more expensive. Thanks for linking up again xx

  2. Little man likes the minion packet cakes. Home bargains is really good to get them from x

  3. I love all the different cake mixes you can buy, great for a quick and easy kids bake! :) x

  4. Ah looks like fun, lovely photos! We love packet mixes too, they love all the different character ones don't they?!
    We will have to try the Postman Pat ones :) x


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