'BE YOURSELF AS OTHER BLOGS ARE TAKEN'... that's just one of the clever blogging quotes on the Debenhams T-shirts they created to celebrate sponsoring the Lifestyle Category of the UK Blog Awards 2015.

Here are the other cool T-shirts. Aren't they fab!
Image from The Daily Debrief, Debenhams
And here's the blogger challenge they have set. To pick one of these T-shirts and show how you'd style it. You can read all the details over on The Daily Debrief here.

I'd pick the t-shirt that reads 'BE YOURSELF AS OTHER BLOGS ARE TAKEN'. The reason for this is that blogging is similar to fashion in the sense that it is your way of being yourself and expressing yourself. You don't have to follow the trends, you don't have to explain yourself. Your blog is your own space to make your own and do as you wish. It's the same with styling an outfit. There are catwalk trends you could copy and get inspiration from the latest seasons styles but ultimately it's about doing what you want and wearing what you want to make it your own.

I've created a moodboard to show the T-shirt with the items I'd add to style it into an outfit. I've also given a reason for my choices below.

1. The Collection Dark blue cropped jeans - It might sound cliche but you really cannot go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans combo as a starting point. Part of me wanted to dare to pick something other than jeans but these jeans would look so fabulous as part of this outfit that I couldn't resist.
2. The next key item in this outfit is this Red Herring Navy textured edge to edge blazer. Being an open fronted blazer, this is perfect to show off the blog quote t-shirt. It also adds a smart edge to the outfit immediately taking the T-shirt from a casual look to smart-casual.
3. Faith Off white leather wooden wedge high heel sandals - Again these are perfect for a smart-casual look making the outfit suitable to wear for a variety of occasions.
4. Now onto some key finishing touches. Both practical and highly stylish this J by Jasper Conran Designer White Curve Zip Grab Bag. I feel it would complement both the wedge sandals and the black text on white T-shirt itself.
5. Now to really bring the outfit to life with some quirky splashes of colour; This Joe Browns Green Funky Floral Headband is fun and unique.
6. Add a statement bangle as an additional quirky accessory and you'll really start to turn heads. This bright Principles by Ben di Lisi Designer Peach enamel polished bangle is just the thing to finish my outfit off perfectly.

Well there you have it. I really hope Debenhams like my choices. I certainly had fun coming up with this outfit idea. And just as a very silly bit of fun, here is my 'selfie' as if I'm wearing the T-shirt. Originally Debenhams had hoped to send out a T-shirt to be able to take a selfie wearing it, but sadly they ran out so I've improvised using very crude cropping and showing just how unskilled I am with photo editing! But hopefully it will give you a giggle.

This is my entry into Debenhams Style a T-shirt Comp. You can find out more here.


  1. Hehehe, love your photoshop skills ;) I would choose the same Tee x

    1. I love those t-shirts - its a shame they ran out. there's still time to enter the comp if you'd like to. x

  2. Lol, love your selfie! Good luck and these t-shirts are fab. Mich x

    1. yes i love the t-shirts. I think they should reprint them and sell them as i reckon they'd sell well. It's a shame they were out of stock x

  3. Very nice, I like that look, it's exactly the kind of thing that I aspire to wearing now x


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