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Kirby and The Rainbow Paintbrush

Ever since J played a Kirby game last year at a Nintendo event, he has completely loved him. So when we were given the opportunity to preview the latest offering in the series, there was no stopping him!

In Kirby and The Rainbow Paintbrush we start by seeing our plasticine hero witness a mysterious hand appear through a portal and watch it steal all the colours from the world. A magical paintbrush arrives to recolour Kirby and his friends and off they set to conquer numerous levels, overcome baddies and bosses, and try to defeat the hand forever.

On the Wii U, the main player controls Kirby using the game pad, drawing a rainbow of paint for our hero to roll along. Up to three other players can join as Waddle-Dees, whose job is to help Kirby in his adventures. 

We found the controls for both Kirby and his assistants both simple and intuitive and each member of the family picked them up in no time - even mum was able to complete levels as Kirby and three-year old miss T loved being a green Waddle-Dee!
Each level offers new challenges, and Kirby takes on new features - submarine, tank, rocket... the advantage of being made of plasticine is you can change form to defeat the baddies! 

We truly love this game. It has been a very welcome addition, with the whole family joining in.

You can see our love for Kirby in previous blogposts like our Kirby Triple Deluxe review and our Kirby Craft video in this blogpost. So we know we are going to keep enjoying Kirby for a long time!

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush is due for release on 8th May exclusively for Wii U
As Nintendo Family Bloggers we were sent a demo version of Kirby and The Rainbow Paintbrush for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. Naw they are soo cute, looks like great fun x

    1. it's really proved to be a popular game with all of the family! x


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