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Tyre Safety for mums: Myth busting by Michelin

Mumsnet and Michelin have conducted a recent survey and produced this thought-provoking infographic. 
This infographic has certainly made me think again about tyre safety in our household. I am definitely guilty of leaving tyre maintenance to daddy to do but as that quote in the infographic states, actually 'Everyone should be responsible for their own safety'.

We do check tyre-depths and pressures regularly and we absolutely believe in buying a better quality brand of tyre.

My in-laws experienced a tyre blow-out on the motorway several years ago. Thankfully they escaped unharmed but their vehicle experienced a huge amount of damage. After that both they and we replaced all our tyres for properly branded, good quality tyres.

It is just not worth the risk when it comes to the safety of family to cut corners and try to save money on tyres. Safety and quality has to be number one priority for us.

Here are some of the more in-depth findings of the research:

  • Safety and longevity emerged as the most important criteria to Mumsnetters when choosing tyres, but car handling and fuel saving were important too
  • Only 19% referred to the importance of tyre labelling, indicating that tyre labelling remains less understood than perhaps other labelling – for example the environmental ratings used on white goods (fridges, washing machines etc) – Michelin say - did you know that tyre labels include a rating for wet braking stopping distances?
  • Whilst safety is the key consideration , 38% didn’t know the legal tread depth, 67% were unaware of the penalty for having bald tyres (which is a min. 3 points per tyre, plus a fine in the UK) and 38% only checked their tyre pressures twice a year or less
  • 65% are prepared to pay the extra for a quality tyre brand which confirms that the majority of Mumsnetters recognise its worth paying for the inherent quality and safety performance associated with a recognised premium brand. Michelin say “not all tyres are the same…..”

...and indeed seeing the damage that the blow-out did from having cheaper tyres, I'd definitely agree that 'not all tyres are the same'.

Michelin say:
Michelin Total Performance brings together an optimum mix of performance areas such as grip, long-life and fuel saving without a trade-off. Michelin tyres are the best match for the daily driving challenges that Mumsnetters face.

You can find out more about Michelin Total Performan in this short video:


This infographic has certainly got us thinking about tyre safety and maintenance. How often do you check your tyres? Who looks after this aspect of car maintenance in your family?

Disclosure: As part of the Mumsnet Blogger Network I am happy to share this infographic and some of the survey findings. The infographic, images, survey findings and video have been provided by Mumsnet/Michelin. I have not been paid for this post although participating bloggers will be entered into a prize draw.


  1. I'm pretty good with checking my tyres, but I must admit I'd back off from changing a wheel. Good info for everyone on here!

    1. thanks Helen. So important to stay on top of tyre safety. x


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