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Disney Magical World Review

A couple of months ago we had a very special day out at a Nintendo Blogger event and got to find out about all sorts of fabulous new Nintendo games. We've since been fortunate enough to try some of those out as Nintendo Family Bloggers (as well as buying a Kirby game as a special treat for the boys too).

One of the games we've recently tried out is Disney Magical World for Nintendo 3DS (like all 3DS games it's also compatible with 2DS - hurrah!)

Whilst both J and D have enjoyed playing it, they said that it would probably appeal more to children slightly younger than them (so perhaps aged around 6-8). Here they give a brief overview of the game and despite what they thought about the age group, they would still rate it 8 out of 10.

Over to J:

  • On Disney magical world you create a character that looks like you.
  • Then you go around the island helping out Mickey Mouse and his friends.
  • You can unlock different places by collecting stickers.
  • I think this game would appeal more to someone a bit younger than me.
  • I would give it 8 out of 10
It's definitely worth watching the trailer here to get a really good feel for the game, I loved seeing so many of what I consider to be the 'classic' Disney characters; Micky and Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck - it really felt like a blast from the past reminding me of all my childhood favourites, yet with a contemporary game using mii-style creation. 

Thank you Nintendo for the opportunity to review this game. 

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