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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS review

The kids have been so lucky lately with so many Nintendo games to review. Since our special Nintendo Day in October, they have reviewed Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal featuring everyone's favourite blue hedgehog, Disney Magical World with some of my favourite classic Disney Characters, and they were desperate to get their own copy of Kirby Triple Deluxe so we bought that for them as an early Christmas present (well it was more of a 'well done' present) and they even wrote up a review of that.

The latest game they've been asked to review as Nintendo Family bloggers is Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for 3DS and 2DS.

When it comes to kids toys and games, I'm usually pretty clued up and really get into it as much as the kids do. For example, I'm pretty good with knowing all the moshling names - well for a grown-up anyway.

But I must confess that the one thing I struggle to understand is Pokemon. This is where D gets really frustrated with me as he digs out his Pokemon annual and tries to explain to me for the umpteenth time which Pokemon evolves into something else and gives me the fact profiles about each one. And I still don't understand!

But when it came to reviewing the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game, what I do understand is that both J and D have been mesmerised by it and squabble to take turns playing it as they both love it so much.

It keeps them totally engaged and entertained for ages (making it great for long car journeys for example).

As I remain clueless about Pokemon, it is over to 10 year old J to tell you a bit more about the game:

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is awesome!

You have your own character and you get a Pokémon at the start. Then you have to battle Pokémon and get poke balls. You use the poke balls to capture Pokémon and use them to battle. You adventure around different towns.

Each town has a Pokémon centre (to rest your Pokémon) and a shop where you can buy potions, poke balls and much more...

I would give it 10 out of 10.

As J is less 'into' Pokemon than D, then what he has said about the game here really is praise indeed and means that as a game it must be pretty good in its own right (ie not just because it is Pokemon themed).

You can find out more about the game here . Both the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and it's counterpart, Pokemon Omega Ruby are also available as 2DS and 3DS console packages. These would make an absolutely super gift for Nintendo fans and Pokemon fans. The kids received a Nintendo 2DS console for Christmas last year and it has been really well loved and well used. They were lucky enough to receive a second one from Nintendo earlier in the year for review purposes so that they now have one each. We'd highly recommend them as a fantastic handheld console at a price that offers great value.


  1. Oh my, we had to pre-order the games they were much wanted in this house. The girls had Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby between them and they love them. Of course I'm an expert on Pokemon too having lived with them for nearly 10 years now...I have to admit though, I get a little rusty after the first 142 of them.

    1. 142 - WOW! I'm pretty good with Moshi stuff but I get lost with the pokemon names - D is the expert in this house with Pokemon! x


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