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Festive Turkey Parcels (and wine pairing to match)

Before we log off for a bit of a blogging break over Christmas, we thought we'd share one last recipe on here...Something a bit different to make with those turkey leftovers.

Leading independent wine merchants, Yapp Brothers, want to hear about bloggers festive recipes along with a wine pairing to match your meal.

So here's our fabulously festive 'Turkey Parcel' recipe which also happens to be the perfect way to use up that leftover turkey.

Ingredients for the Turkey parcels:
Leftover turkey (with any bones removed)
100g feta cheese
1 pack filo pastry
handful of chopped walnuts
Cranberry sauce
A little melted butter

For the Orange, Fennel and Cranberry salad:
Bag of ready washed mixed lettuce leaves
1 orange
1 fresh fennel bulb
A handful of dried cranberries


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C. Take the filo pastry out of the fridge a short while before using. Melt the butter on the hob.

2. Cut the filo pastry sheets into smaller pieces. I cut each sheet into 4 rectangles. You will need enough of these smaller rectangles to have around 4 'layers' on each parcel.

3. Brush each filo rectangle with a little butter and place across each other. When you have 4 pieces layered up, then fill the centre with a little of your leftover turkey. (If you want to make this recipe without leftovers, simply use some Turkey Breast steaks - Cut into pieces and lightly fry them in a little oil first)

4. Keep adding your fillings by placing a little cranberry sauce (this is one time to NOT go overboard with the cranberry, you just need a little to add flavour and moisture to the parcel), a small piece of feta cheese and a few pieces of chopped walnuts.

5. Then fold your filo around the filling to make your parcel. Lightly brush the edges with butter to help 'seal' them.

6. Place onto a lightly greased baking tray and bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 180C.

7. Whilst your festive turkey parcels are cooking in the oven, you can prepare the salad. Simply cut the orange segments removing any pith and skin so you are left with just the very juicy segments of orange. Add to your mixed salad leaves along with the finely sliced fennel bulb. Finally add a handful of dried cranberries.

8. Remove the Turkey Parcels from the oven and serve with the salad.

Now for the most important bit - Getting the right wine pairing for this recipe. I have to confess that I sometimes struggle with wine pairings. It can easily get a little daunting with the 'advice' you hear in the media. But a good independent wine merchant is like having an expert friend who really does know their stuff and will help you make the right choice when it comes to wine without making you feel foolish for asking questions.

I came across a brilliant food pairing guide as a starting point on the Yapp Brothers website and they regularly update their blog with food pairing ideas too.

After a little research and combining it with my own experience, the wine I would match with this recipe either the Pinot Noir Stephane Brocard or the Alsace Pinot Gris. 

I chose these options because I feel they work well with both turkey and cheese. I believe they would also hold their own sufficiently with the cranberry flavours used in the recipe. 

I hope you like my Festive Turkey Parcel recipe and the wines I've chosen to pair with it. 

You can find out more about this Festive recipe blogger challenge here

Have a brilliant Christmas! 


  1. Oh that does look lovely.
    Is that your sprout wreath ;)

    1. thanks Rachael. The sprout wreath is one i spotted round the corner and I just loved it so had to take a piccy. x


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