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Ruby Redfort - Feel The Fear: Book review and competition info!

To say we are Ruby Redfort fans is an understatement. A huge understatement. Ruby Redfort would come very high up on our list of all time favourite characters. She is one cool kid. But not just any ordinary kid. This thirteen year old is an undercover code-breaking secret agent.

Highly intelligent, very likeable, and mega cool, Ruby Redfort appeals to both boys and girls. Despite the main character, Ruby, being female, the book covers and storyline are anything but girly girly and so J has tremendously enjoyed reading the previous three Ruby Redfort books. We even reviewed one of the previous books, Ruby Redfort: Catch Your Death, on the blog here

Ruby Redfort books also represent great value for money. J usually gets through a new book in a day or two, but thankfully the Ruby Redfort books keep him busy a bit longer. This one is 57 chapters long. We are currently on Chapter 6. 

So this won't be a full review of the book, but we are so excited by this new book that we couldn't wait any longer to tell you about it. There's a fabulous Feel The Fear Trailer here to whet your appetite and we can tell you that from the first 6 chapters we've read already, Ruby Redfort fans will not be disappointed. We've already seen Ruby dice with death once again, she's been called in for a telling off by Spectrum boss LB and we're just starting to get a few clues about what the big puzzle to solve is in this story. It's really gripping stuff and we find ourselves itching to read more.

There are a few mentions of her previous adventures, so those who have read the previous books and in particular the last one, 'Catch your death', will appreciate the links to the past stories. Having said that, each book works perfectly as a stand alone story too so if you haven't read the other books yet, it will all still make sense... (but if you haven't read them yet, you really should because they are brilliant!)

We are also really excited to see an awesome creative competition. We love our creative comps and this one is on the kids list of things to do over the Christmas hols. You need to download the tee shirt template, design your own Ruby Redfort T-shirt, then upload your design.

You can find all the details for the competition here.

You could win a £50 ASOS voucher and see your design printed in the next Ruby Redfort book along with a signed copy of Feel the Fear.

I love this competition and I know the kids will want to enter this. Do make sure you read the T&C's though as it's only one entry per household rather than per person so my kids will have to decide whose entry we will be uploading.

You can find out more about Ruby Redfort on The Ruby Redfort Facebook page and I know you're bursting to know where you can buy your own copy of this awesome book so here's the link if you want to buy your own copy and see just how cool this girl is.

Or as Ruby might say, 'what are you waiting for bozo?' 

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