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GIVEAWAY and Video review: Chocolate Picture Maker

We were sent a 4 bar pack of Chocolate Picture Maker to do a video review for. The kids absolutely loved making their own personalised bars of chocolate... So without further ado, here is the video review.

Chocolate Picture Maker is available in a 1 bar, 2 bar and 4 bar pack and it can be purchased from Amazon here for the 4 pack and here for the 2 pack.

I love how easy it is to melt the chocolate - no need for pots, pans or even a microwave, the chocolate simply melts in a bowl of warm water. 

I helped a little with the initial dark chocolate outline, but then the kids were able to work pretty independently which was great. 

The instructions are really straightforward, using the dark chocolate for the outline, followed by white chocolate to infill the design and then milk chocolate to create the rest of the bar. There's no setting time to wait for the dark chocolate and white chocolate - you just keep going until it is complete and then pop the whole thing in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to set. 

Because the chocolate has been pre-tempered, it comes out beautifully glossy and smooth and tastes great. Whilst the product is aimed at children, it is a high quality Belgian chocolate in the product, unlike some kids chocolate which is packed with yucky tasting vegetable fats. I can't wait for the day when all chocolate is fairtrade - then this product would be completely perfect! 

This would make a great Christmas gift. Although there are plenty of design stencils provided in the pack, you could easily print or draw some Christmas themed designs to give this a seasonal twist. 

If you like giving gifts with a personal touch, then this would also be ideal to make some personalised chocolate bars for friends, family or even your school teacher. Just pop the finished bar of chocolate in a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon for a perfect handmade gift.

For a chance to win a kit of your own, just follow the rafflecopter instructions below. Entries will be checked.  

And if you aren't lucky enough to win, remember you can get hold of these from Amazon:
Click here for the 2 bar pack Chocolate Picture maker
and click here for the 4 bar pack Chocolate Picture maker

You can follow Chocolate Picture Maker on Facebook and Twitter  (They seem to have lots of comps over there too!)

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  1. Big man loves anything remotely to do with chocolate so would be right up his street!

    1. i know what you mean - one of Miss T's first words was 'choc choc' x


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