> The Beesley Buzz: Moshi Series 11 Countdown - Number 16

Moshi Series 11 Countdown - Number 16

As you will remember from our post a couple of days ago, we are HUGELY excited to be hosting the Moshi Series 11 Countdown, revealing a new Moshling everyday. Here we are with number 16.

J has put together a little video to introduce you to the first of the Series 11 Moshlings. This one's extra special because she is ultra-rare!

So, without further ado....
And here's the official bio:

Name and Species: Bonnie the Sassy Lassie
Personality: Feisty, fierce, fair.

Say howdy doody to the whip-cracking Moshlings that love yeehah-ing their way around the world of Moshi. When they are not lassoing critters on Skedaddle Prairie or keeping the peace on wild frontiers, Sassy Lassies love singing rootin’ tootin’ songs and slamming shots of wobble-ade in the Sloppy Saloon. 

Habitat: Go west and you might see a few Sassy Lassies cracking their whips on Pokeback Mountain. 
Likes: Baked beans and wagon trails.
Dislikes: Shady Sheriffs and designer saddles.


  1. This is such great fun isn't it ? . Great video J

    1. thanks Wendy. J will be pleased to hear you liked the video. Yes it is lots of fun and very exciting! x


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