> The Beesley Buzz: Moshi Series 11 Countdown - Number 15

Moshi Series 11 Countdown - Number 15

Here we are again for the next day of the very exciting Moshi Series 11 Countdown. This time D has a very special video to introduce you to today's new moshling.
Here's the official bio:

Name and Species: Doyle the Defective Detective
Personality: Observant, bumbling, eccentric.

If a crime needs solving you can always rely on a Defective Detective… to mess things up! You see they might look the part but these investigative Moshlings possess dreadful powers of deduction. Maybe it’s because that massive microscope-style eye makes things look smaller instead of bigger. It’s elementary, dear reader!

Habitat: Deerstalk Drive but lots of Defective Detectives enjoy looking for clues in the Googenheim.
Likes: Violins and pipe cleaners.
Dislikes: Smeared fingerprints and Surreal Snoopers.

If you missed yesterdays post (number 16), you can find it here. 


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