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More GBBO inspired cooking: Mary Berry's Cherry Cake

Another first for us - Cherry Cake. Miss T wanted to bake (again!) today and as we had all the ingredients we needed for Mary Berry's Cherry Cake we decided to have a go.

I didn't have the right shaped or sized tin but we made do with a smaller tin - but it did mean it took longer to cook as it stayed wobbly in the middle for ages.

We used this recipe and here's how we got on.

Quarter the glace cherries, then wash them and dust in flour to stop them sinking

Folding in the cherries using a whisk 
 Miss T's new favourite job in the kitchen is wiping the surfaces.

Now onto the icing.

Squeezing the lemon

The cake is ready.

Turned out upside out onto a plate.

Pouring on the icing.

Decorated with cherries and toasted almonds.

Miss T couldn't help licking the icing off the cake!


  1. that looks beautiful, you guys have certainly been busy in the kitchen recently and it all looks very tasty xx

    1. thanks Pauly. Miss T just loves to cook so it has been fun baking new things in the kitchen with her. x

  2. what a great cherry cake - i would love to try some! i love how much your children help you
    I have pinned this to the GBBO pin board x


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