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Childs play chocolate truffles (or chocolate playdoh!)

I recently attended a fabulous chocolate workshop at Temper Temper and made some amazing things like a chocolate butterfly, a chocolate lollipop, and Florentines.
I made these at Temper Temper
We also got to make an easy peasy simplified version of truffles which was described to us as being like chocolate playdoh. 

I loved the idea of attempting to replicate this at home so me and Miss T had a go today. I didn't have a clue about the correct quantities of the ingredients but these quantities worked out well. The boys weren't interested in helping to cook today but unsurprisingly were more than happy to eat what me and Miss T had made! 

120g plain chocolate
30g unsalted butter
40g icing sugar (plus lots extra for dusting)
Your fave sprinkles or desiccated coconut to roll your truffles in

1. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of water on the hob. You could melt it in the microwave in short bursts but I have managed to burn chocolate in the microwave one too many times so I prefer the hob/hot water method. Just make sure your bowl is not touching the water.

2. Melt the butter in the microwave. This took around 30-40 seconds.

3. Mix together the melted butter and melted chocolate and add in the icing sugar. Mix well. 

4. Turn the mixture out onto a surface dusted with a lot of icing sugar (having a play with the icing sugar first!) 

5. This is the chocolate playdoh stage. Break off small pieces and roll each piece into a ball. Then roll it into some sprinkles or desiccated coconut.

6. Place onto a piece of grease proof paper. 
mum's truffles

Miss T's truffles - I love how unique and individual they look

7. Eat! Or wrap nicely and give as a gift.

Oh and don't forget the chef's perk is to lick the leftover chocolate...

...and eat the spare sprinkles...

And here she is once her chocolate moustache had been cleaned up with her Chocolate playdoh truffles.

So how brilliant is that - easy to make - fun like playdoh yet fully edible and yummy!!!


  1. I love this, and what's more exciting I have all these ingredients in my house! :D

    1. I know - it's so simple - yet loads of fun! Enjoy x

  2. They look fabulous!

    http://honeypiemercer.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx


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