> The Beesley Buzz: Moshi Series 11 Countdown - Number 1

Moshi Series 11 Countdown - Number 1

Meet Weegul. We think Weegul is incredibly cute but don't be fooled, when you read the bio below you will see that Weegul is also really demanding.

Here's what J has to say: "Weegul sounds just like my little sister, Miss T, because she is really cute but very bossy and demanding too!"

Here's the official bio:

Name and Species: Weegul the Wobbly Dobbly
Personality: Spoilt, demanding, persuasive.

Wobbly Dobblies are fangtastically cute but goopendously demanding, especially if they don’t get their way. When they are not asking passers-by to plop glacĂ© gooberries on their wafery horns, they are insisting on having their cushions plumped up and their backs scratched.

Habitat: Wobbly Dobblies like waddling around Crystal Grotto but they can also be found collecting candied fruit in Pawberry Fields.
Likes: Everything and anything.
Dislikes: Walking and choc chips.

Well that's it for now - All 16 moshlings have been revealed! Now you can head on over to www.freethemoshlings.com and remember that the Series 11 Moshlings are now available to buy in good toy stores.

We will be back soon with a round up post with links to all the moshlings.

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