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R2BC - Daddy's week

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Well, Daddy has been despatched to write this blog post this week to join in mummy from the heart's linky. So, here goes....!

1. Surprise!
Totally unexpectedly, I got to see Dame Kelly Holmes today.... now that doesn't happen everyday, does it?

2. He's an Actor, darling!
Today D had his weekly drama lesson, and found out his part for the show at the end of term. He has grown in confidence so much since joining the group, and loves his weekly slot of excitement, fun and acting. Rather than just 'fitting in', he has really started to shine in his own right. And his excellent performance last term (more about that here, too) has stood him in good stead as he takes on the the lead role in eight weeks! So proud of you, D!

3. Guest blogging
A short while ago, Becky was invited to write a guest post for New Bloggers Fortnight. She was so nervous about putting it together, and a little anxious as it went live this week. But everyone has been so supportive and encouraging. Thank you!

She just needs to get the hang of Twitter now to be able to reply and thank everyone for their kind words!

Short and sweet this week, but definitely a cheerful household today! What are your reasons to be cheerful?


  1. Well done to D for his acting x amazing reasons well done Daddy for sharing x

  2. Great reasons! Sounds like a very lovely week :)

  3. OooO drama lessons!! Fab.
    Lovely reasons to be cheerful! x


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