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Finding the right spoon for weaning: Nuby Feeding Spoons Review

When Nuby first sent us this pack of 6 weaning spoons to try out in our role as Nuby Bloggers, I took one look at them and thought they just looked too big.

When your baby is just taking those first little spoonfuls of baby rice, it just didn't seem the right spoon because the spoon end just looked too big and too curved to even fit into T's mouth. At the time she was also having just a few spoonfuls of food, so I was just making up a little baby rice or puree into a little bowl and she was never eating a whole jarful so although I could see the appeal of having long easy grip handles, it just wasn't relevant to where we were at with weaning. We decided to use small tipped shallow weaning spoons for those first couple of months of weaning instead.

Fast forward a few months, and we now find that we are using the spoons everyday for every meal!

So what's different? T is now 9 months old and weaning is very much established. She is confident in being fed with a spoon and she eats a lot more than in those early days of weaning when she was just 4 or 5 months old. She is obviously physically bigger too so the spoon size seems to be a better match.

When she is having baby food straight from the jar, those long handles really come into their own and even though we previously had what we thought were long handled weaning spoons, the Nuby Feeding spoons are even longer and can reach far more comfortably to the bottom of the tall jars.

Even though T is not yet 10 months old, we occasionally feed her the '10 month +'  age jars. Because we have combined baby led weaning with traditional weaning, she is confident with lumpy textures and the '10 month +' jars have not proved any trouble for her. Now these jars are that little bit taller than the '7 month +' jars and impressively the Nuby Feeding Spoons have taken these bigger jars in their stride too!

They come in a pack of 6 which is very handy, as T often likes to hold a spare spoon and it saves the stress of having to constantly make sure you have them washed and ready.
The spoons are dishwasher safe. I couldn't find any information on the packaging about suitablity for sterilising. For us this wasn't an issue as at this stage I make sure everything is thoroughly washed and rinsed in very hot water instead of sterilising as I did in the early months of weaning. Nuby do have a customer careline for anyone wanting to check any details, though.

Although the spoons are designed to be suitable from 4 months, my own feeling was that given the deep bowl in the spoon end I preferred to wait until my baby was 6 months before using them regularly. However, now those small tipped shallow spoons we used in the early days for weaning are pretty much no use for the amount T eats and her capability of eating well from a spoon and so these Nuby Feeding Spoons have really come into their own.
The Nuby spoon vs our other 'long handled' feeding spoons.

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