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R2BC - Just feeling happy!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Last week I just didn't find a spare moment to join in with Mummy from the heart's weekly Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop. I popped by and read some of the other blog posts that had linked up (as I look forward to reading about everyone's week) but just didn't get around to it myself and I really missed it.
So this week, I am making sure I take a few moments now to join in.
I could try to pick out a few specific things like I normally do, but instead I'm going to tell you that since yesterday, I actually have felt really happy inside. I guess I hadn't really realised that I hadn't been feeling happy up to that point but for some reason (and I don't actually know why), I kind of felt like a burden had been lifted and just felt 'lighter' and happier.
Perhaps it was the excitement of the snow that had been forecast?
Perhaps it was because I knew Daddy had the day of work today to spent time with us?
Perhaps it was because the kids had been calm all day and were really super at bedtime?
Perhaps it was because Daddy had to work late til midnight and although I normally feel really anxious knowing he is not going to be there to help with bedtime routines etc, I actually felt fine about it?
I absolutely have no idea as to specifically why I suddenly felt different. It could even be hormones because with breastfeeding T, I still feel like my hormones are all over the place at times.
Today, I have managed to successfully cook a Panettone, (not quite as successfully as the previous time when D was in charge and it turned out perfectly!) and also a lemon meringue pie (which I had never ever made before). The best thing about that was despite J and Daddy moaning that they didn't like lemon they both ate loads and had seconds too.
Because I am actually a complete disaster area in the kitchen, having been able to cook those things has made me cheerful for today.
So what are your reasons to be cheerful this week?


  1. Lovely reasons, glad to hear you're feeling happier and well done on your baking! :) xx

  2. Awww I hope your happy feeling lasts! :) And yum lemon meringue pie! Mmm. xx

    1. thanks Sarah! I know about the lemon meringue pie - it was yum and I was totally shocked that I managed to cook it! xxx


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