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Its all in my cloak!

Wizard Boy costume from Jokers' Masquerade

You may remember that in December, Direct2mum put us in touch with Jokers' Masquerade to review one of their fancy dress outfits and you can read all about our wild west evening here.

Although we received the wild west dress without any charge for the purposes of reviewing it, we were so impressed by the range of fancy dress products that they stocked, the reasonable prices and the excellent service, that we actually went onto buy another outfit from them.

So this post is not one that we have been asked to do or required to do but we actually wanted to share with you just how great this Wizard Boy costume was for Daniel when he played the role of an evil wizard in his drama show last month.

The outfit consisted of a cloak (of impressive quality!), a felt hat (the quality of this was less good but it did the job), and a thin polyester top designed to look like a harry potter style school jumper/shirt/tie combination.

The whole outfit cost £11.49 (18% off the RRP of £13.99) and was a Smiffy's branded product. Daniel had the medium sized outfit which is designed for 7-9 year olds and as a big 6 year old this was perfect for him. A magician's wand is also available for £1.99. However, Daniel didn't need one as it would get in the way for the singing, dancing and actions that he needed to do for his show.

Despite my severe lack of creative skills when it comes to any kind of sewing project, I could most probably have cobbled together some sort of cloak for him myself and made a wizards hat out of cardboard. However, during the busy month of December, it was just such a relief to not have to worry about coming up with a costume myself and I think it just gave Daniel that extra little boost to his confidence to be wearing such a great wizards outfit.

I know every parent is proud of their child, but I was actually extremely impressed with my little boy. He had only ever participated in one nativity show over two years ago (and he didn't even have any lines to say then), and here he was with one of the main parts of the show remembering his many lines, saying them loudly and clearly, singing a song solo and acting his heart out. I couldn't quite believe my eyes - he was one amazing kid!
It's all in my cloak!

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