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Perfect for those milky dribbles - Nuby Snug n Dry Feeding bibs

T wearing her Nuby Snug n Dry feeding bib
Nuby Snug n Dry feeding bib

When Nuby sent us these Snug n Dry feeding bibs to try I just knew straight away by seeing them and feeling them that they would be perfect for catching those milky dribbles and baby posset.

They really are soft and absorbent and fit snuggly around the neck. So often I find that bibs are loose around the neckline meaning that T ends up with sticky milk all around her neck and dribbling down into her vest.

I have used bibs on my babies right from the start because mine have always been quite possetty and I quickly figured out that it is easier (and quicker) to change a bib rather than change a whole outfit each time they bring up some milk.

So these bibs are perfect for the morning and evening breastfeed that T still has each day. I have also found that by putting them on under the rubbery 'catch all' style bib that she wears for mealtimes, it helps prevent her runny breakfasts or brightly coloured baby purees from staining her clothes. Her 'catcher' bib isn't a close fit to her neck and leaves a gaping gap for food to go down through - hence this Snug n dry bib provides the perfect solution.

I personally also love the colour and design of these bibs with the pretty pink edging and the pink butterfly embroidery - they would look lovely on a newborn baby and are suitable from birth so would make an excellent choice of newborn gift being pretty and practical for new parents.

They are also available in a blue design and are currently on offer at Nuby for £2.99 for a 2 pack which is great value.*

*Price correct at current time but please be sure to check the price at time of purchase as prices may change.

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