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Foodish pictures

My entry to Appliances Online Craft Kids competition, with The Mummy Blogger. To find out more, see this page.

Hi, it's Josh and Dan here. We've hijacked the blog again to bring you a craft project you might like to do. Mummy was going to call this project 'colour by lentils' because it is a bit like colour by numbers but you fill in each part of your picture with things like dried lentils, rice, mung beans, tea and stuff like that. But Daniel started calling it 'Foodish pictures' as that is a better name for it (and everyone knows how much Daniel loves food!) so we are going to show you how to make your own 'Foodish pictures'.
Mum hates crafts that need special equipement as it means we have to plan it and go to the shop to buy all the things we need and then we usually need lots of help because it ends up being tricky, so these foodish pictures are perfect because you can just find everything you need at home.
To make the foodish picture you need:
some pieces of card (cut up cereal boxes will do)
a pencil
some gloopy glue
any dried pulses you can find (if you use lots of different colours it will make you picture look great and you can also use things like tea and lavender like we did so your picture will smell nice as well as look nice and feel nice). We also used mung beans, pearl barley, rice, green lentils, red lentils, pasta, and cous-cous.
If you like you can also make a potato print 'frame' for your picture like we did. To do this you will need:
potatoes (small ones work best as they are easier for children to hold)

some card (again an old cereal box cut up is perfect)
some paint
some shallow plastic vegetable trays or yogurt lids to squirt your paint onto.
We had some 'greening' potatoes - perfect to use so they don't go to waste.
Pulses, pasta, tea, lavender, rice and cous-cous
On a piece of card, you can either draw a picure or a pattern and then fill it in by gluing the foods on as you go or you can start by making a key like this:
And then numbering the different parts of your picture to make a colour by numbers style activity. When our baby sister gets a bit older we could do this activity with her to help her learn numbers. 
Gluing on the pulses
While our foodish pictures dried, we did our potato print frames. You can just print a border around the outside of your piece of card but we were having so much fun doing it that we printed all over. 

Mum had cut the potatoes into different shapes like triangles, hexagons, semi-circles, squares, hearts and rectangles and we used lots of different colour paints too. So for younger children, this could be done to learn colours and shapes too!
Then you need to wait until the paint is dry and your foodish picture is dry. This is what we did while we waited.
Then simply stick your foodish picture onto your potato print frame and it makes a really great picture.



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