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Look who's ten months!

Our precious little T is ten months now (and a few days!) and we wanted to share some of the milestones she has just hit.

Proper crawling is a difficult thing to master - especially on hard laminate floors! But T mastered it this week, up on her hands and knees and off. But she is still a bit sneaky and goes for the commando crawl more often.

T mastered clapping for the first time this week. Before now, she has grabbed her own hands and shaken them up and down instead, but she is very pleased with her new skill and keeps showing it off!

T has shunned us holding her bottle of water for her now, and instead grabs it... and shakes it when we're not looking.

As you can see, T is 'into' everything!

T loves crawling under chairs, as you can see from her smile. But she does have a particular skill of getting stuck and needing some help to get out! You'll often find her crawling under the dining table in search of left-over food she dropped earlier; she also seems to love the taste of dust and seeks it out on her travels! We also love her habit of 'bib fishing' where she fishes around in her bib pocket for bits of food she's dropped.

T now has 6 teeth - yes... 6! The top four sneaked through in the past couple of weeks.

Like her brothers, T already has a love of books. Unlike her brothers, she is also a real thumb-sucker! When we put her to bed at night, she likes nothing more than to pull a cuddly toy over her eyes and suck her thumb.

She still 'sings' when she's tired (she always has done, but now her singing is rather louder).

She is confident sitting up alone and has even pulled herself up to standing on a couple of occassions while holding on to furniture.

We're linking this up with Mummy From The Heart's Reasons to be cheerful, which is being hosted by Seasider In The City this week.

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  1. aww great reasons, lots of lovely photos xx

    1. thank you! she loves being in front of the camera xxx


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