> The Beesley Buzz: Joshua's Jokes - The Pirate edition

Joshua's Jokes - The Pirate edition

 Remember Joshua's huge list of jokes - well here is the next installment. This next batch of Josh's favourite jokes seem to be pirate / sea themed (well mostly).

What do pirates do when they can't sleep?
Count ships.

What is a pirates favourite bedtime story?
Sleeping booty!

Why don't cows get exact answers in Maths?
They are always rounding up!

What do sponges play at their birthday parties?
Musical Squares

What do you get when you cross a squid and a dog?
An octo-pooch!

What's salty and feels good on a sunburn?
The Pacific lotion.

What kind of ocean bird can't fly, can't swim and can't catch fish?
A pelican't!

What's the difference between a ghost and a cannon?
One likes to boo and one likes to boom!

What did the big cannon say at the celebration?
Business is booming!

What's a pirate's favourite state?

What's a pirate's favourite sport?

Why did the bug crawl up the pirate's sword?
It wanted to get to the point!

Which pirate loves to eat?

The next part of the huge list of Joshua's favourite jokes seems to move onto the topic of rodents and other miscelleaneous stuff so I think we will end there for today.

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