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Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

The Bug-a-loop teether from Nuby.

As quickly as Daniel seems to be losing his teeth, Trinity seems to be getting hers through. She now has two bottom teeth (since she was about 6 months old) and then all of a sudden 4 appeared at the top.

So there has been no better time to introduce her to some of the fabulous teething toys that Nuby have sent us to try.

First up, the bug-a-loop teether. This was one of the first we introduced to T because, being loop shaped, it is just so easy for her little hands to hold onto. It has been a great one to take out and about with us too.

She loves the bright colours and the four bigger 'beads' are rubbery and textured making them perfect for her to chew on to help ease some of the discomfort from teething.

Flopper Teether toy by Nuby, known in this household as 'Monkey Face'.
Another current favourite toy of hers is the Nuby Monkey 'Flopper teether' toy that has affectionately become known in our household as 'monkey face'. Monkey Face is made of some lovely textured fabrics and has floppy arms/legs with teething pieces at the end of them. These teething pieces feel more 'hollow' but that makes them softer and so they have still proved popular as they seem to be easy for T to chew on.

T enjoying Monkey Face.

As she has become more interested in looking at books in recent weeks, we thought she would enjoy looking at (and chewing on) the Nuby 'Squeak and crinkle Flip n fun teether book'. This book is designed in a horse-style shape and is made of some lovely textured fabrics. It lives up to it's 'Squeak and crinkle' name with crinkly pages and a squeaker in the horse's face. The 'story' is in the form of a simple rhyme featuring various animal characters. Two of the pages have rubbery teething parts dangling from them. whilst the other two pages have more crinkly fabric pieces.
The Nuby Squeak and Crinkly flip n fun teether book.
This is a lovely concept as it introduces babies to books at such an early age (we used to read a bedtime story with J from when he was just a few weeks old and I'm sure that has contributed to his love of books now) and it is also a great toy that doubles up as a teether.

The only slight downsides to the book are that it is wipe clean rather than fully washable and at one point in the rhyme it says the word "thru" and I just have a thing about proper spelling in books for children.

All of these items would make great gifts for babies and are far more useful and practical than just buying an ordinary toy.

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