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Toyologist Review: WWE Rumblers

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

When I first looked at this box, I was a little dissappointed - showing an illustration of the product rather than a photo is usually a sign that the product doesn't look good in photos! But I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and pulled all the bits out. The box does clearly say that the toy is not assembled, but my six-year-old managed to follow the instructions to put it together without too much trouble.

I was also pleased that the set is designed to be a game, not just a play set. The two players each have a wrestler, and the idea is to be the first to fire the wrestler using the launcher so he smashes through the roof and then through the floor of the ring. This isn't as easy to do as it sounds, though, as it takes some practice and a little luck to hit the target. Even when it hits, it won't always smash through first time, so it really is anyone's game until the end.

My two boys fell in love with the game pretty quickly. They've played other games where you have to fire things to land on targets or hang from trees, but none that involved smashing things up - it seems that gave this game the edge over the others for my boys!

It didn't take too long, though, before the younger realised the older was getting quite good, so they changed the rules to make it more collaborative - to see how long it took to smash through between them. This stopped any arguments, so was a winner for Dad, too! They soon also realised that the launchers can be used to fire all sorts of things - mostly at the wrestling ring so far - so all manner of small toys have joined the fun (even sneaking down after bed time for one last go).

My youngest was a little dubious at first, but was quickly won over once he saw how much fun it was to destroy things. His older brother always loved smashing things up, so loved this game from the start. With their adapted rules and no arguments, this is a good set for them to enjoy together. Other wrestlers are available separately, but the two in the set (joined by our own other small toys) have kept them entertained for hours. Available soon from Toys R Us.

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