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A thank you to Baba & Boo

When I read on facebook about all the fuss over the goody bags that Baba & Boo had been giving out at the Baby Show in August, I was slightly curious to know what exactly could be that fab. So I was delighted to be picked to receive one of my own after founder of Baba & Boo, Eve Bell had put a handful aside as prizes for those of us who couldn't make it to The Baby Show to have a chance to win one.

This is what I received in the post the next morning...

A funky Baba & Boo green canvas bag containing: A gorgeous pink cloth nappy, a baba & boo token key chain, and a 'mummy survival kit' which put the biggest smile on my face.

Of course it was great to get the cloth nappy as I have been meaning to try one out for the past 8 years (over the course of 3 babies I hasten to add) and my good intentions were always replaced by never quite getting around to researching the options. Somehow the claims that cloth nappies were just as easy to use as disposables was always made so forcefully that it would create doubts in my mind. Combined with those major leaky poo days that all mums must experience having to deal with at some point - I convinced myself I was happy with disposibles.

Faced with actually seeing a real cloth nappy up close, touching it, feeling it, seeing how it works, all of a sudden it didn't seem so scary.

And apart from anything else it was PINK! (Those of you who know me will have noticed how much I am enjoying doing the whole girly pink thing at last after having two boys).

Apart from all the well documented disadvantages with disposable nappies (landfill, high cost etc), another of my own personal gripes with disposable nappies is how ugly they look in photos. I am forever trying to make sure that my baby's nappy doesn't show whenever I get the camera out. However, these gorgeous cloth nappies from Baba & Boo are ones that you will want to show off and I would happily let Trin wear a little dress or top with just the nappy on in the summer months as they really do look so funky and fashionable.

Teamed up with some of the other lovely accessories available at Baba & Boo, there are going to be some seriously cute babies around.

Now onto the 'mummy survival kit'. Unlike the fab nappy, there was nothing of any direct significant use in it (my boys enjoyed the kiss sweets and quickly nabbed the marble and penny and the tea bag will get used) BUT the key thing here was the love and care it showed. This little piece of paper told us a story of it's own. This little verse accompanied with those little bits and pieces showed that the person behind it (and the person behind Baba & Boo) understands. She has been there, she knows what you are going through, she knows what us mums have to deal with - day in, day out, often with no thanks or appreciation. By putting together this thoughtful little pack, she is standing with us mums and telling us that we matter.



  1. Rebecca, you made me cry.

    I don’t mind telling you that those survival kits were bloomin’ hard work but that made all the effort worth it, thank you so much.

    I am going to share it now.

    Thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much Eve for your kind words too! It is amazing how powerful words can be and I keep remembering those special words each time there are tears, crying, kisses and especially the string one - even this past week, I have had to take a deep breath and remembered that bit of reserve string when i get to the end of my tether! Thank you again, Rebecca x


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