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Bruce the Sudocrem Moose goes on tour

Bruce the Moose has been staying with us this summer. We have had a fab time. Here are our top ten moments with Bruce..... enjoy!

10. Bruce's name up in lights (well Lego actually) on holiday at Bluestone, Wales.

9. Hitching a ride with Daniel on a 4x4 (Bluestone, Wales).

 8. Exploring Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.

7. Working to preserve the future for the next generation at The Eden Project, Cornwall.

6. When in Cornwall...

5. Treading grapes with my hooves!

4. NOT impressed to see what the previous owners of Lanhydrock (now safely in the hands of the National Trust) did to his ancestors!

3. Blinged-up antlers!

2. When Bruce came with us to the British Library to research his family tree, we think he got a bit confused.... "No Bruce - it was Mr GRAY the famous zoologist who named the genus of ELK, not ELJames!"

1. To see the photo we chose as Bruce's best moment with us, you'll have to visit the Sudocrem Mousse facebook page! Photo should appear tomorrow once it has been approved by them.

UPDATE: 26 September 2012
The competition winner has been announced - it wasn't us, but was a well-deserved winner. For those of you still wondering, here's the number one from our top ten:
Bruce the Moose caused quite a stir when he went to a fancy dress party. In his lion outfit, he became the 'mane' attraction!

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