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Look who's weaning!

I tried to hang on until 6 months, I really did...but there's only so many nights of broken sleep that I could take before I gave in (and that was 2 - yes, two nights of waking again after having slept through since she was only a few weeks old and enough was enough for me!). And I know, I know they say (imagines nagging voice) "that increased feeds and waking in the night is not a sign that your baby is ready for weaning" but they're not the ones who have to drag themselves out of bed at 2am having only just managed to get to sleep in the first place to nurse a baby who is besides themselves with hunger.

Whereas for the boys, I was eager to start the weaning stage as soon as possible, in a mothers crazy attempt to see their baby reach the next milestone ahead of others, this time around I was hoping to exclusively breast feed until 6 months and then give baby led weaning a try - but it wasn't to be.

So armed with baby rice and spoon - we began. Thankfully she took to it extremely well...I love that look she gives me as if I have let her into the best kept secret...food!

Trinity's first time in her new high chair!

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