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I HATE voting comps!

If you take a look at my personal facebook feed, you would be forgiven for thinking that I actually like competitions that involve voting, because I always seem to be begging, pleading and totally on the scrounge for any votes I can get.

The truth is I absolutely hate voting competitions - but somehow I still can't resist entering as I think that maybe this time, just for once, if thousands and thousands of people vote, then maybe, just maybe there might be an element of fairness in it rather than the win going simply to the person with the most online friends.

I have spent many hours and sometimes days getting a particular photo or video just right, and sometimes getting it through via the judged stage to the final and then...heart sinks...it comes to the voting stage...and alas I simply do not have thousands of friends on facebook to ask.

And even if I did, how many times could I actually keep asking them? Our latest crazy home-ed project involved making a "Get messy with music" video for Persil and was selected as one of the weekly winners and is now this very week in a voting stage and once again I find myself pestering friends and asking for votes. I would feel like I let the kids down if I didn't at least try and yet I feel guilty asking my friends (again) to vote....so here is the link if you can spare a few seconds each day this week...pretty please...


(ours is entitled week 3 winner Rebecca Beesley - just click on the orange 'vote' button to vote and you can vote once every 24 hours until Sunday).

I would feel far happier sharing our photos / videos for competitions with my friends if I didn't have to accompany it with a plea - but could simply say look at our entry into X, Y or Z. Then we could all have a laugh and whatever crazy project we had been doing and also be left feeling really positive about the organisation running the competition.

To date, there has been one exception to this where a public vote has worked in our (well Joshua's) favour. Joshua's story recently was selected as one of the top ten in Silentnight's book at bedtime competition and with a serious amount of begging and pleading and contacting quite literally everyone we knew, he did get picked as the overall winner as a result of having the most votes. (We actually did think his story was fab though so in this case I reckon he was a well deserved winner).

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