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Toyologist Review: Fooz Pro Match Set

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

Foooz Pro Match Set is a mini desktop football set, containing 2 goals, 2 players and 2 balls. The basic game, of playing Foooz ball against another player, was relatively easy to play for our two boys (aged 6 and 8). There are also 'skill cards' so you can learn tricks and compete against each other - these were much trickier, and the boys lost interest after a while. I'm sure that with practice they would get better and so enjoy the tricks more, but there wasn't any enthusiasm to do that!

Unfortunately, the game quickly descended into a free-for-all, with both boys scrambling to get to the ball. Sore fingers ('kicked' by the plastic players) ensued, and new local rules introduced ("don't cross the half-way line"). They enjoyed the game, but only for a short while. The joy of running round the park kicking a real leather ball was too enticing, leaving the plastic toy on the floor in favour of getting some real fresh air.

I'll leave our six-year-old to have the final say:


Available soon from Toys R Us.

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