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My hands full hero - My Nuby Natural Touch Compact Mini Steriliser

I can't believe it has taken me 8 years to discover that my life could have been made a WHOLE lot easier!

Here I am with my hands full!
I always knew I would have my hands very full when my youngest baby came along in April. With an 8 year old and a 6 year old who are both home-educated (Josh is autistic and there is no local education provision available for him in our area), and knowing that I wanted to breastfeed her, I knew I would need oodles of patience with all three of the children.

I hadn't realised just how little time I would have left to do anything else - I have had to take a "one and done" approach as much as possible and as soon as I spot something needs doing, I need to try my best to do it there and then rather than add it to a never ending to-do list.  So when the bin starts overflowing, I need to take a couple of minutes to empty it even if the baby is crying or the boys are squabbling. When the wash basket gets full, I just need to get on with putting the washing machine on whether that be first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the night. It has become my only way of juggling and although it does feel like a constant treadmill, I know it is pretty much the only way we are going to manage to stay (relatively) on top of things during these early months.

What I hadn't banked on was just how frustrating it was when the supply of sterilised dummies ran out each time. Using my 'one-and-done' approach, I thought I would just pop them into my ancient electric steam steriliser and a quarter of an hour later, they would be ready.

But with a baby screaming in one ear and kids running amock instead of getting to bed, it was such a faff to unplug the steriliser, rinse it out, fill with just the right amount of water (whilst being careful not to get the wires / electrical bits wet) and then  popping in a few dummies before finally plugging it in, switching it on and waiting 15 minutes.

The dummies looked so lonely in that big old steriliser. With my baby being exclusively breast fed I didn't need to sterilise any bottles so it also seemed a big waste of time and electricity for just those few dummies each time.

And then (...cue music...Hallelujah chorus)...I discovered the Nuby natural touch Compact mini steriliser. It seems crazy that one little product can make such a big difference but when you feel like you are spinning as many plates as I am, and every minute saved makes a tangible difference to the job of looking after the kids and keeping the house in some sort of order, it almost felt life changing!

Now sterilising dummies, and the odd bottle and a couple of spoons (now she has started weaning), takes a matter of minutes (8 mins in our microwave but can be as quick as 5 minutes in a higher powered microwave), and is just a much simpler straightforward process without faffing about with the unplugging and worrying about the wires getting wet.

We have been away twice recently and the first thing on my packing list each time was...you guessed it...my favourite Nuby steriliser.

As a real bonus, it also comes with a lovely Nuby Natural Nurser bottle (with a breast sized teat to make it easier if you wish to combine breast and bottle feeding), and a Softflex cherry soother.

My only regret is that I didn't discover this product sooner!

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