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Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS

Like all Nintendo 3DS games, the Pokemon Art Academy can also be played on the Nintendo 2DS which is great news for us.

This is essentially a drawing game designed to help you learn how to draw various Pokemon characters. The kids have really been getting into it and after a couple of days of playing it, J wrote his own review on his own blog.

As an avid Pokemon fan, 8 year old D said 'this is just what I needed'. He is often drawing Pokemon on paper but ends up having to try and trace pictures from his Pokemon annual which he finds frustrating at times as it can be tricky. 

The Pokemon Art Academy game was really straight forward to use. You can choose to do three things:
  • Lessons - which give you step by step instructions on how to draw the Pokemon characters.
  • Free Paint- where you choose a character and draw it using the Art academy tools but without any guidance and no starting point.
  • Quick Sketch - this does provide a faint outline of the core shape of the character as a starting point which you can then trace over, add colour to and add the specific details and features.
Once you have completed a set of lessons by completing a set of characters and saving them on your progress, you can then complete the Novice Finale drawing using all the skills and knowledge you've learnt and then progress onto the next set of pictures. 

There are plenty to get through so you'll never get bored! 

The really great thing about games like these is that it can really help build confidence in children who may think they are not very good a drawing or art. They can learn in a clear, easy way how to produce some pretty amazing looking pictures. Whatsmore, these pictures are of some of their favourite characters that they are already familiar with if they love Pokemon. 
"Mine and D's Oshawott are really similar" said 10 year old J which shows that the game really does help get the pictures looking really good with the step by step instructions.
Both 8 year old D and 10 year old J loved the Pokemon Art Academy and I don't think it will be too long before Miss T joins in the fun as it seems she's already become a bit of a Pokemon fan already! 

One final word from J: 'now all I need is a Nintendo Moshi Art Academy!'

Disclosure: We were sent a code for a copy of the Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.  


  1. I like the look of that, might be an idea for my Boo's birthday as I've just bought her a 2DS and she loves Pokemon and drawing.

    1. it is a really simple one to use and yet the results look great. x


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