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Mario Kart Challenge One: Design your own Mario Kart

As Nintendo Family Bloggers, to celebrate the recent release of Mario Kart 8, we've been challenged to design our own Mario Kart. 

D got to work straight away using a big box and painting a Bowser inspired design on his 'kart'. With spikes sticking up and a spike pattern on the side. Bowser colours at the front finished off his kart nicely. 

Adding a steering wheel, he was ready to race. Now over to D to describe the special features of his Bowser inspired kart.

D: "My kart floats on water. It has an extra superjet which makes you go fast both under water and on land."

Now here's the clever part - One box, two karts. J created his kart using the other side of the box and the other end as the 'front' of his kart. 

And can you guess who his Kart has been based on? That's right - the evil laugh gives it away doesn't it. The evil Waluigi...

 Not too evil as he let his little sister have a ride in the kart...

What this? Oh no, he's taught her the evil laugh too!

Over to J for a description of the special features that his Waluigi inspired kart would have.

J: "It can fly and it can change into a submarine to go under water. When it flies, it has rockets that speed you along. It's got invisible giant wheels that protect you from getting green shelled and red shelled - but unfortunately nothing can stop you getting #BlueShelled"

We've got more challenges coming soon - so keep an eye out to find out how we get on with those!

Disclosure: We were sent some paints and felt pens to take part in this challenge. 


  1. What an amazing kart, great work guys. Looks like you all had lots of fun creating that xx

  2. What a great idea, the first one looks like a dino-cart to me! Love them.

  3. Oh what a clever idea!
    Your babies look like they had a lovely day xx

  4. Wow I love those Karts!! They do look like they had so much fun. Just written up mine - nice to have a craft prompt, isn't it?!


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