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Joshling Moshling Fun: Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine Review

'All my favourite Moshlings in one place!' J - aged 9
With J's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, the timing could not have been more perfect to receive this totally awesome Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine! Having 3 of the world's biggest Moshi fans in this household meant that we could really put this toy through its paces.

It holds over 120 moshlings so I decided to fill it with some of J's collection and then package it up again ready for when he got home from school. Just look at the expression of amazement on his face as he opens the parcel and sees what's in it:
The Moshling Gumball Machine comes with Bodge moshling included. Bodge is 'the Artful Splodger' who is a paint pot in the 'arties' set. He is a 'common' moshling. You can find out more about Bodge here.
The Gumball machine is so easy to use. Just pull off the lid and fill it with your favourite moshlings. Then replace the lid and twist the handle to let out the moshlings. They drop down the shoot just one or two at a time ready to play with.
The kids have a huge range of Moshi toys already and whilst I am often concerned about buying them plastic toys that can sometimes be flimsy and break easily, we know from past experience that Moshi toys seem to last. D received the original Moshi treehouse several years ago as a Christmas present and I thought it would break within a matter of weeks - yet several years on it is still going strong and still gets plenty of play.

Whilst the treehouse was fun to play with, we've always said how good it would be if there was a Moshi toy that could actually store lots of moshlings in and it seems that the Moshi Gumball machine could be that moshling storage solution that we've been longing for!

J used to keep his moshlings in a plastic tub...
But now he has the gumball machine, I'm sure you'll agree it is a much smarter space saving and fun storage solution!
I also love that it works so simply by turning the handle. No batteries needed and nothing complicated so even Miss T can use it when the boys are at school:
One of the things that both J and D love to do with Miss T is 'Moshling training' where they teach her the names of the different moshlings. In fact, they do this so often and she loves it so much that she often asks to 'play Joshlings' and yes that does say Joshling not Moshling. We think it is one of her made-up words which combines two words like when she calls granny and grandads dog 'Grandog'.

So Joshling is her way of saying 'Joshua's Moshlings' so they become 'Joshlings'.

Here's D and Miss T having fun playing Joshlings. As she's only just 2 years old, this is pretty impressive stuff to know so many of the moshling names!!!!
So all in all the gumball machine has been a big hit. I'll leave you with a final quote from 8 year old D:
'It's so exciting because you never know which Moshling is going to come out of the gumball machine next!' 

You can get hold of a Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine at Amazon and other good toy retailers.

Disclosure: We were sent a Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 

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  1. what a cool little storage device, i bet that looks great in their room. I could do with one of those for our mini figures. xx


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