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Draw with me - June 2014 - Miss T's footprint

Just wanted to get this month's Draw with me post up today as we'll be without internet access for the next couple of days, so if you're trying to get in touch with us, please be patient. We should be back online by the end of the week! 

Draw with me is a lovely linky over at This mummy loves and this month we've been set the challenge of decorating a plate. 

When the boys were younger I had the time and the patience to do things like hand and footprints and we even made our own plaster cast handprints too. 

But with Miss T, I haven't really had much of a chance to do things like that so we thought decorating the plate template with hand or footprints would be a nice way to capture her cute hands and feet.

So we asked her whether she wanted to do handprints or footprints and she said 'feet'. We asked her what colour she wanted and she said 'purple'. So we covered her foot in purple paint and printed it onto the plate template. 

She was very proud of her handiwork - Or should that be 'footiwork'!

Have a good week and we'll be back soon! 

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  1. Opeie wont let us paint his feet he freaks out. You can't beat a good hand or foot print especially for personal cards to friends and family. Great work T xx

    1. I love doing hand and footprints with the kids. Used to do it a lot when the boys were younger but not so much with Miss T.

  2. Aww I love this!! Thanks so much for joining in with us xxx

  3. Fab idea. That would be a lovely memento. I had hand and foot prints done in clay for the boys when they were 9 weeks old. #DrawWithMe

    1. Clay ones are lovely - so cute at 9 weeks too! We've done our own plastercast ones for J and D when they were younger but haven't got around to for Miss T yet. At least we've got some painted footprints though. x


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