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Plus Plus Towers

Miss T is a real daddy's girl often asking daddy for cuddles, telling daddy that he's cute and that he's got "pretty knees" (yes that does say pretty knees). One of Miss T's favourite activities to do is 'play plus plus' and she loves nothing better than playing plus plus with daddy. 

Miss T will call out different things that she wants daddy to make ranging from chocolate, dogs, horses, ice cream and so on. The great thing about Plus Plus is that it is so versatile that you can have a go at making pretty much anything, the only limit being your imagination. 

The latest favourite way of playing with Plus Plus is for daddy and Miss T to build up wooden blocks into a tower with Plus Plus pieces hidden inside. She then loves to knock down the tower to find the Plus Plus. Very exciting and lots of fun. 

When we first received a pack of Plus Plus from The Toadstool, we wrote a review as it had so many advantages and both J and D loved playing with it. 

Miss T got extremely excited to find more Plus Plus under the tree at Christmas

But the real test of just how great it is is how well it has stood the test of time and maintained the children's interest. Some toys will engage and excite the children at the start. Sometimes for a couple of weeks. Occasionally even longer than that but Plus Plus continues to be a great toy for them to play with nearly a year on from when we originally got it. And there's still no sign of them losing interest. 

If you're a Plus Plus fan already, you can get updates from the Plus Plus UK facebook page here or keep an eye on The Toadstool for updates on the Plus Plus range. 


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