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Mario Kart Challenge 3: Which character are you?

Ever wondered which character you should be playing as when it comes to choosing the best driver, the best kart or the best outfit? Nintendo have sent us a quiz to help us find out which character we are most like for the third of our blogger challenges celebrating the release of Mario Kart 8.

Both J and D answered a series of questions based on their characteristics, their fave accessories, where they'd most like to live, how they'd celebrate winning a race, what they do in their spare time and what their favourite colour is.

And here are the results:
J was mostly C's which meant he was like the Evil Waluigi! 
Perhaps that's why he designed his Mario Kart to be Waluigi themed?

And D's result was Mostly D's:
D was most like Bowser.
Hence his inspiration for his Bowser themed kart perhaps?

Miss T was too young to answer the questions herself so we picked out what we thought she would most like and the outcomes could be either Rosalina, Princess Daisy, or Princess Peach and it revealed her character to be....

With her love of pink and big smile, Miss T was most like Princess Peach!
"Princess Peach, casually called Peach, and sometimes referred to as Princess Toadstool, is the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom. A love for the colour pink (this is definitely Miss T's fave colour!!!), you are a girly and kind and are always found with a smile upon your face!"

The smile upon her face is also very true!

You can see how we got on with challenge one here - Building our own Mario Karts
and challenge two here - Designing our own Mario inspired racetrack.


  1. Love the matio kart! Little man cried today because I refused to call him baby mario!

    1. Oh how funny, I remember J went through a phase of wanting to be called Peter Rabbit (and he used to call D 'Cottontail' and then he was 'Dora' and D was 'Boots'. So actually Baby Mario is not so bad compared to those i reckon. x


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