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Trying new things

Trinity is nearly one year old. The past year really has flown by. We have loved watching her little milestones - her first smile, her first tooth, and more recently her first words like 'bella' (our cat!), and 'night night' and 'ba-bye'.

When it came to feeding she did really well. She had got to the stage where she was feeding herself by picking up pieces of food from her high chair tray confidently, so we decided to introduce another first for her...her first time using cutlery.

We have some metal-tipped easy-to-grip cutlery sets which the boys used, but because she is just starting to learn and we didn't want her to risk hurting her gums or face, we didn't want to use those straight away.

That's when Nuby came to the rescue. In our latest set of products to try out as Nuby bloggers, there was a Flower Child Fork and Spoon set and a Flower Child toddler bowl. Both say they are suitable from 18 months but as Trin seems ready to try out cutlery we decided to let her have a go with them today.

Our Brilliant Chef Daniel cooked a fabulous dinner for us of Seasonal Vegetable Cous-cous and mini-lamb meatballs (recipe coming soon on TheBrilliantChef.co.uk), and then Trin got stuck in to eating it! We helped her get food onto the spoon and fork, and at first she just manouvered her mouth to the cutlery whilst we held the spoon or fork, but then we started to put food on the end and then place the cutlery onto her highchair tray for her to pick up. Which she did.

She looked so proud of herself too so that was lovely. She is not quite ready to have the bowl within reach to eat from as she still seems to find plates and bowls a bit too interesting and ends up playing with them or throwing them on the floor (see video!).

Both the bowl and the cutlery are brightly coloured in pink and green and come in pretty packaging too with an illustration of a flower fairy on the packaging. Being dishwasher and microwave safe is an added bonus.

The fork and spoon set is just the right size for little hands and has chunky handles making them easy to hold onto. The fork itself is rather spoon-like so the scoop-shape helps keep food on there. The actual prongs of the fork are not particularly pointy which obviously means it is safer and a good starter fork for babies but I can imagine that over time it may get frustrating trying to 'stab' into food.

Trinity certainly seemed to enjoy her first experience of using cutlery and once she had finished her food continued to have fun playing with her bowl and cutlery!

As Nuby bloggers, we were sent the Nuby Flower Child Toddler Bowl and Nuby Flower Child Fork and Spoon set to try out and keep. All opinions given are our own honest opinions.

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