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The Therapressure program (Wilbarger protocol) begins!

Yesterday, J had an Occupational Therapy appointment where we were shown how to implement a program of skin brushing and joint compression.

We have used skin brushing in the past, but in a rather haphazard way without fully understanding how we should be doing it properly (yet it did seem to help still!). And last summer, when J attended a summer holiday club, one of the club leaders who has a background in Occupational Therapy did some joint compression with him and he came out of club actually seeming relaxed - and that never usually happens. So we were really keen to give it a try and see how we get on.

I'm afraid this blog post is one of those that is more for myself to keep track of things rather than being of particular interest or use to anyone else. It just keeps me accountable to making sure I make notes of how we are getting on if I commit them to the blog.

The protocol dictates that ideally the skin brushing / joint compression should take place every 2 hours (so 8 - 10 times per day) for a period of two weeks. Then stopped and restarted at a future date as necessary.

Yesterday, J came out of OT a lot more responsive than normal. When requested, he managed to say goodbye to the two occupational therapists (although he still couldn't make eye contact, he said a nice clear goodbye which is progress!), and in the evening I asked him to tidy up his moshi magazines and much to my surprise I only had to ask the once!!!

Today we managed to fit in 5 sessions of the skin brushing and joint compression. Interestingly J kept asking for it and he was telling me when the pressure wasn't applied firmly enough or if I had missed any part out. That was good because it showed he was aware of how it should feel.

The day was a bit up and down overall. At the park, he had a meltdown but we did go later in the day when there were some school children there and that usually triggers bad memories of school for him.

We'll aim to get at least as many sessions done tomorrow and see how we get on.

This therapy is being done under the instruction of a qualified Occupational Therapist who has given us guidance, so obviously make sure you get the appropriate medical advice before starting any new treatment.

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