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The new therapressure brush arrives

You may recall that earlier in the week we started the Therapressure program of skin brushing and joint compression with J to see if it helps with his ASD and sensory processing issues.

We had been using a surgical nail brush as that was the closest thing we could get hold of to a suitable skin brush, but today, his Occupational Therapist delivered a proper Therapressure brush.

J definitely prefers this as you can apply really firm pressure without it feeling 'scratchy' as the other one did.

We haven't been managing the full 8 sessions a day that we had hoped to acheive. Some days we are only managing 2 or 3 of them. Despite our efforts, it is just too tricky to fit in with T's general 'baby' needs and having D homeschooled too.

Encouragingly J is responding positively in terms of being very willing to cooperate with the skin brushing and joint compression. It is almost like he knows it will help. He was also able to stay in Sunday school group for most of the session today which is a major improvement over the past couple of weeks.

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