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A Spicy Saturday evening!

At the beginning of the year, we found out that Daddy had been chosen (out of over 600 entries!!!) as Pataks Official Curry taster for this year. As well as receiving lots of Patak's products to try out and getting involved in giving feedback, a really amazing part of the prize was a masterclass with Anjali Pathak in our home to cook a meal for some of our friends.
Our little Brilliant chef learns from another brilliant chef

So last Saturday, Daddy and Daniel (our very own little resident chef!) spent a very busy afternoon in the kitchen learning all about using spices and flavours in Indian cooking and learning to cook some fabulous dishes from the hugely talented Anjali.
The main course - 'Zamin Doz Machhi' (whole stuffed fish)
Anjali adds finishing touches to the delicious Tadka dahl
It was a very busy afternoon indeed as there was also a visit from a press photographer, and Zoe Perret (another talented young lady who has a real passion for Indian food) helped in the kitchen too and then our guests arrived for a really fabulous, fun, foodie evening.

As well as finding out more about Indian cooking on the Patak's Website or following The Patak's Curry Club on Facebook, Anjali has her own website which just oozes her passion for cooking and combining contemporary and traditional Indian cuisine. There will be more on our special evening soon on Daniel's blog at www.TheBrilliantChef.co.uk


  1. I used to eat a lot of curries and I would have LOVED this! Sadly curry doesn't really agree with me now...

    1. He seems to be the envy of the town at the moment as it is a fab thing to be involved in if you love curry as much as he does!


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