> The Beesley Buzz: Let's Get Growing - Center Parcs challenge for April with tots100

Let's Get Growing - Center Parcs challenge for April with tots100

I'm Daniel and I'm 7 years old. I am usually better known for my cookery than for growing things, but a really important part of cooking is knowing where your food comes from, so I also like to grow things.

I like growing lettuce, beans, peas, courgettes, and pumpkins. My brother loves growing flowers - his favourite is a yellow poppy and we save the seeds each year to plant some more the following year.

Joshua's poppies

Growing things is great because you can grow food to eat, grow flowers that look pretty and grow plants that will help the wildlife like all the bugs and bees and butterflies.

growing plants and flowers helps the wildlife

Some plants do all that at the same time...like lavender. It is really pretty, the bees love the colour and you can even use lavender in cookery!

Growing things doesn't cost much either. Especially if you collect seeds from the previous year. We always save some pumpkin seeds and beans, let them dry out and then keep them to plant the following spring.

These are the pumpkins we grew last year from seeds we saved from the year before!

And here we are tidying up the veggie patch last year.

The pots you use can also be really low cost by either reusing some other materials or making your own like me and my brother did in this video.

You might even think of other interesting things to use, like these...

So whether you feel like growing vegetables or flowers (because even if you don't like vegetables, everyone likes flowers!),

...you are never too young to start so...Let's get growing!

Trinity with our Center Parcs "CP" cress

Even if you haven't got much space for growing, you can always grow something.

And you'll get great results in just a short while.

This is our entry into the Center Parcs "Let's Get Growing" blogger challenge for April with Tots100. You can see our previous Center Parcs family challenges here (Nov), here (Dec), here (Jan), here (Feb), and here (Mar).


  1. Our cress just isn't growing this year - think the packet is too old. Those pumpkins are fab! Might had to add them to big mans list of veg x

    1. We had a bumper crop of pumpkins last year and yet have had some years where none have grown! The kids are definitely more green fingered than I am. xxx


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