> The Beesley Buzz: Turning the corner after 1 week - Total Hip replacement: Day 7 post-op

Turning the corner after 1 week - Total Hip replacement: Day 7 post-op

Written on Tuesday 30th January 2018

Exactly a week ago (pretty much to the exact time that I'm writing this), I had total hip replacement  (THR) surgery. 

I was pretty terrified at the time but thought that once I was through the operation the worst would be over. 

But I've struggled a lot this past week. I've written up notes each day on my phone that I will post as blogposts as a reminder that it is tough but the turning point does come. 

Yesterday was possibly the emotionally toughest when I felt so utterly fed up. You see 6 weeks of rest and relaxation don't sound too bad but when my emotions were making me feel so low and tearful, I couldn't even bring myself to pick up a book or magazine to read.  There was no motivation there for even watching the TV. 

It's really hard to even pinpoint a reason why.  Sure, my body felt rough- still occasionally light headed and faint feeling, general stiffness and soreness around my hip and leg (but not unbearable), unable to get comfortable either sitting or lying down. But that wasn't it. 

I think the biggest sense of discomfort came from a horrible agitated feeling in my legs. Like I just wanted to get up and give them a good stretch, I wanted to lie on my front and stretch my hips, to do some yoga poses to start to feel right again but knowing I couldn't do any of that as I'd dislocate my new hip if I even tried. 

So then came a panicked trapped feeling and a sense of having a 6 week to 3/4 month life sentence in front of me until such time as I MAY be able to do some of those things again. 

This morning felt different. I awoke to a bright frosty sunny day and things just felt better. My legs feel less stiff, less agitated.  I suddenly feel motivated. I've been experimenting with taking just one or two steps using just one of my crutches and although I think it's still some way away to move to that properly, I remember well from my teen years the freedom that comes from only using 1 crutch instead of two. 

I've even been able to laugh at myself today- Miss T thinking I'm amazing by opening the curtains using my crutches as I can't bend or reach over that far (I even used them to flush the loo in hospital as I couldn't twist around - I wonder what she'd make of that if she knew). I can now laugh at myself about how I have to march on the spot as I turn to avoid twisting or swinging the leg around - it reminds me so much of how a cyberman walks- especially as its accompanied by the characteristic clickety noise of the crutches too. Hilarious! Yet a matter of a day or two ago I would have burst into tears at the thought of how I'm walking like a cyberman. 

Miss T and daddy are up at GOSH today for her podiatry appointment- hoping to get answers to the mystery of the shrinking foot! I had been feeling terrified of my first day alone at home but this morning I woke up looking forward to it. 

I even asked them to get my laptop plugged in before they left as I'm feeling that for the first time in over a week, I may be able to sit long enough to use it. I may not get around to using it but at least I'm feeling motivated enough to have considered it.  

I even have a magazine to read and a book downloaded on my phone to read and I feel motivated enough to do so. 

My physio exercises have felt a little easier today. Still a bit of hip clunking which I wish wouldn't happen but hopefully the physiotherapist may give some answers to that at my appointment next week.  

So that is my morning so far - a feeling positive happy kind of morning and a far cry from the past week where I cringe at how moany I had become!

UPDATE on Miss T: Still no answers. Still officially a mystery. GOSH have requested another MRI of her left foot. Given her new insoles and measured her feet with moulds for specifically moulded insoles. 

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