> The Beesley Buzz: 2 Week update post-op after Total Hip Replacement

2 Week update post-op after Total Hip Replacement

Written on Tuesday 6th February 2018
a light flurry of morning snow on 5th Feb

Today is the two week milestone since the total hip replacement operation on my left hip. 

After my physio appointment yesterday I had a breakthrough milestone moving onto using just one of my crutches around the house. 

It was the first glimpse of getting back to walking again. Until that point I could see no benefit in having had the surgery. My husband would disagree as he would say I'm no longer screaming out in pain at night but as far as how I was walking and moving I had just been feeling so stiffened up and reliant on the crutches that I couldn't see an end in sight. 

Now using one crutch feels like progress and gives me the use of an arm back for carrying things and generally gaining a little more independence. 

In addition to the 3 bed exercises and 3 standing exercises I've been doing 4 times a day, the physio has given me an additional 3 exercises to do twice a day. 

Bridges, clam (lying on my back though) and clam using a theraband. 

After starting these additional exercises yesterday combined with the extra effort going into walking with one crutch, today I am feeling utterly wiped out. 
how the legs are looking without TEDs on - swelling and bruises still visible

Despite having a reasonably good night's sleep, I've also needed a nap this afternoon. That's not a bad thing in itself as a proper lie down each day is recommended to help reduce the swelling.  

I was awoken from my afternoon nap by the phone ringing. It was grandad explaining that granny wasn't able to go on her holiday to South Africa after all. She was due to fly tomorrow and after being rushed to hospital last Friday with heart palpitations we thought she'd been given the all clear to go but it turns out the doctor has advised against it. Feeling gutted for her after looking forward to it for so many months. 

Despite feeling groggy I thought it would be good to get some fresh air on a bright sunny day like this so when Richard went on the afternoon school run I went for my first "walk" (albeit with both crutches) and literally only managed a few minutes but progress nonetheless. My hands felt frozen as I hadn't realised just how cold it was. I had to be so focussed to avoid trips or falls and it was interesting how aware I was of all the lumps and bumps on the pavement. 

Feeling so hungry today too. 

Video of me walking with 1 crutch on day 13....


  1. Ah Rebecca it sounds like you have had it so rough, I hope you recovery continues and you are free soon x

    1. thanks so much Sarah. I'm really pleased with progress despite the rough start. I think the first week or so really is the hardest. x


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