> The Beesley Buzz: Swelling below the knee - Total Hip replacement: Day 8 post-op

Swelling below the knee - Total Hip replacement: Day 8 post-op

Written on 31st January 2018:

After metaphorically turning the corner yesterday- at least mentally, last night threw us a curve ball.  

When helping with getting me changed for bed, Richard noticed a whole lot of swelling BELOW the knee. 

Enough to throw me into a nervous panic when he took a photo (I can't swivel, twist or turn for danger of dislocation) and showed me because the difference from the previous day was immense. I started to quiver and shiver uncontrollably and couldn't tell if it was because I didn't feel right or because of the worry about the swelling. 

We phoned the hospital for advice and they asked us to go in to see the on-call doctor there. Granny had to come to the rescue to babysit the kids while they were sleeping. By this time it was nearly midnight. 

Fed up of having to return to hospital
Thankfully the doctor wasn't concerned that it was DVT so I was able to come home again. By morning, the swelling had reduced a bit so I think it must have been too much time standing, walking and sitting yesterday rather than bed rest that did it. 

Today my brain has been feeling ok again - focussed enough to read unlike the early days. 

I even managed to sit at the computer for a short while- another post-op 'first'.

Overall a good day compared to how things had been feeling! 

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