> The Beesley Buzz: Total hip replacement surgery: Day 3 post-op

Total hip replacement surgery: Day 3 post-op

Written on Friday 26th January 2018. 

As I write this on Friday afternoon on day 3 after surgery, I am home.

Last night wasn't great as I woke at half past midnight wishing it was morning. Fortunately I did manage to sleep again until 5am.
Forcing a smile first thing in the morning to send to my children via what's app
The worst thing I'm finding about the nightimes is the restriction of having to lie on my back. I'm a natural side sleeper. I know sleeping on the wound side would be impossible right now anyway but the temptation is there to turn onto my right hand side - which is massively dangerous as the new hip could dislocate. 

I believe after several weeks or months (I need to check my paperwork to find out when), sleeping on my side will be possible with a pillow between my knees to prevent the leg of the new hip crossing over the other leg. 

So I just fidgetted and shuffled to get as comfy as I could to get to sleep. 

In the morning, I was delighted that I managed to get my teeth brushed and I had a flannel wash all by myself. Then I was told the great news that I could have a shower! Such a simple thing but I was so thrilled. 

When Richard arrived he helped me get showered and dressed then loaded up with armfuls of medication and instructions.  

We headed home. Upon stepping into our house I sobbed and sobbed. Big ugly tears.  The same thing had happened when I'd spent a month in hospital when I was ten. I had put that down to how long I'd been away from home. This time it was only a few days and yet the emotions are feeling so intense.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media which might sound strange as I used to do elements of social media in a previous job and I'm a blogger which often goes hand in hand with social media- but in all honesty I'm not a fan of spending too much time on it. Yet my online friends have been a lifeline through this...from waking up in the morning to find friendly Twitter messages waiting for me to lovely friends writing encouraging words on a Facebook status. With what's app groups supporting me with prayer and kindness and Instagram friends following my progress as I make baby steps of improvement each day. I'm truly grateful! 

You'd think being at home would be helpful but I found the feelings of frustration and feeling useless have just intensified -as I discover I can't reach down to pick things up from a low surface, struggling to stand and sit without anything to hold onto. 

The actual walking feels a doddle compared to the intensity of the emotions. 

The physical pain at the moment is very little as it's being well controlled with pain relief medication.   It's more a feeling of stiffness around the joint and intense muscular ache around the wound which I suppose figures given all the big muscles that had to be cut through. 
feeling cold (possibly from blood thinners) and can't get comfy sitting or lying down
Ordinarily when my arthritis caused these kinds of stiffness feelings I would use stretches and squats and lying on my front to loosen and ease the pain. All those things are out of the question and it's just a big waiting game until the painful, stiff, achey feelings ease. 

So overall I still haven't reached the turning point of feeling it was worth it. At the moment my 'before' was still better than the 'after'.  

I am massively hopeful that I will have no regrets about it at some future point. I am just keeping track of when that turning point will be in case I ever need a re-replacement or the other hip doing in future (I sincerely hope not on both counts). 

My family are brilliant and I mean my wider family too. 

Miss T is home from school and has got her doctors kit out to check on me! She also made a "do not push (poosh)" sign for me to wear so that no-one knocks me over. 
The 'Do Not Poosh at all" sign Miss T made for me

So another day of highs and lows. I don't think I've ever been so moany in my life as I have been these few days- I'm usually a coper not a cryer.  Everyone reassures me that's normal and to be expected.  

Instagram video of me walking with crutches in hospital before going home...

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