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Kids in the Kitchen: An epic week of cooking!

As you may already know (because we keep mentioning it at every opportunity!) we are one of 8 families who are finalists in Nectar's search for the savviest family. We've been blogging over at our Nectar Savvy blog and this week was week 4 'Food and Shopping' incorporating the Sainsbury's Basics Challenge.

So far, we've cooked 5 main meals using our ingredients (you can find them all here) as well as lots of banana based desserts to make sure we didn't let any of the bananas go to waste.

The kids have been helping with a lot of the recipes so I'm going to pick out a few to link to:

Miss T helped make the custard for the Banana Custard dessert.

She also ground the cumin with the pestle and mortar for our meat-free Bean and Mushroom burgers.

D had great fun helping to make the shortbread for our Banana shortbread towers.

He's also been making loads and loads of banana milkshake which you can spot him doing in our A-Z of avoiding food waste! 

Whilst all the dishes we've made are actually simple and straightforward to cook, we've also been doing lots of experimenting behind the scenes to make sure we are creating the very best recipes we can. So it really has been an exhausting and epic week of cooking with the Kids in the Kitchen!

We are hoping for our final recipe (Day 7) on Sunday that D will cook us a meal all by himself as he has said that he would like to.

So all in all a very busy week - so hopefully you'll get some inspiration from some of our recipes.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite photos from this week - Our frozen banana penguins inspired by this blogpost at Reading Confetti. 

If your kids have been cooking in the kitchen, pop over to Raisie Bay and link up:
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  1. wow! The banana look amazing! I will make it with my daughter as it is her favourite fruit! This look so fun!
    Good luck with the contest!

  2. Great challenge! I try not to waste any food and a Sunday Roast joint does 3 meals. I love the penguin bananas, we made ghost bananas last halloween which were fun to make too :)

    1. Sunday roasts are great - we use lots of leftovers from them too. x

  3. Glad to see you're getting inventive with the bananas, you certainly had plenty of them. I did have a nosey to see what the others had in their shopping and I think maybe you ended up with everyones share! I'm off to read the rest your recipes now and catch up, then I'm going to do my shopping and look out for all the basics range. So feel proud, you've inspired me :)

    1. I thought they'd just tried to REALLY challenge us with all those bananas but i think you're right, i've not spotted many bananas coming up elsewhere. Who knows - at least we managed to use them all. x

  4. I love this, those banana penguins are awesome! I HAVE to make those at some point!

    1. How exciting that you like it - as we are the ones who are usually SO inspired by all the amazing things you do! x

  5. Those Banana penguins look fab- going to have to borrow that idea!


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