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April 2014 Draw With Me: Family and Miss T at Two!

All 3 of the kids got involved in this months Draw With Me with their pictures on the theme of Family.

I absolutely love 8 year old D's picture of 'mum and dad'. He often notices when we argue and he really doesn't like that, so it was really special to see him draw a picture of us two with hearts on it. It means that either he knows that mummy and daddy do truly love each other, or it is wishful thinking that we would argue less and show that we love each other more!

Nine year old J did a picture with all 5 of us in:

And Miss T who has just turned 2 did this specifically telling us who was who which daddy promptly wrote on:

Apart from Miss T's birthday cake posts here and here, and a birthday post over on our Nectar savvy blog here (please do pop by and say hi to us there!), I haven't written my usual monthly update on Miss T. So I'm going to sneak in a few things here to remember her milestones this month that she turned two:

  • She got very excited about her birthday and whenever we asked who's birthday it was she replied with 'cake!'
  • She really has so many words now that it is impossible to keep track of new ones. We love it when she comes to find us around the house calling out 'whe-ah-yoo' (where are you).
  • She had a habit of pinching the boys' toys and says 'Tinty's' and tries to keep them for herself!
  • She gets excited at the strangest things like an outing to the bank - she started saying 'bank' 'bank' and dancing around excitedly. 
  • She also does dancing and then suddenly stops when we say 'freeze'
  • She tells us to 'top it' (stop it) whenever we sing or dance.
  • She loves Poppet from Moshi Monsters and often asks to wear her Poppet dress.
  • She adores eating oat 'crackers' (Nairns and Rude health crackers are her favourites) 
  • She is generally mega adorable and cute and her brothers adore her more than ever!!!

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