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A quick catch up...

You may have noticed we've bit a little quieter than usual on here. Yes things are just as busy and manic as usual but we've also been selected as one of 8 finalists in this years Nectar Savvy Family challenge to find the UK's savviest family.

One of the things we believe in is that everyone can make changes to their lifestyle to be more savvy either by finding ways to save more, shop smarter or just do things a little differently to get their budget to stretch further. And the kids love to get involved too thinking of ways to help. Lack of time has prevented us from ever fully getting around to sharing our tips here on The Beesley Buzz blog. So we are delighted to be able to focus our next 6 weeks on writing blog posts on our Nectar Savvy blog. 

So if you find we're a bit quiet on here, that is where you can find us and we would really love it if anyone wanted to pop by and leave comments on any of our blog posts there. This weeks theme is Leisure and Hobbies and so far this is what we've blogged about:

We kickstarted the week with Our Reading Hobby and how to get books for free!

Then explained how to have Fabulous Free days out for every season

Get Social Media Savvy for even more free days out  had some top tips for using social media to take part in some 'money can't buy' opportunities.

How does your garden grow? Gave our top tips for savvy gardening with a reminder to start planting those seeds now it order to literally see the fruits of your labour in the summer months with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

And Friday's post will be about how Staying in is the new going out including Family Film Night which is one of the ways we love to spend our Friday nights for some really special family bonding time.

Our posts are feeling a bit unloved over there at the moment - so we'd really appreciate any comments on those blog posts. Thank you!

Anyway, I did want to pop by here with a quick update and link up with Savouring The Season, Ethan's Escapades, and Loud N Proud with this....

These are the lovely Mother's day Card's my children made for me this year each at their respective schools and toddler group. And they all managed to keep it a surprise for me until last Sunday. Even Miss T had made hers when she was at Toddler group with Granny whilst I was at my physio session so even that one was a surprise.
By J

By D. It says 'You are a button, you hold things together'

by Miss T

Then we enjoyed a lovely meal out at ASK Italian as our first #RespectThePasta challenge. We have lots of fun challenges coming up in the next few weeks which I am really excited about!

Hope you all had a special Mother's Day and are getting excited about Easter! I know I am as I stocked up on The Real Easter Egg today. I think I managed to buy out the entire supply they had at our local Waitrose but I wanted to show my support for these eggs as not only are they fairtrade but they also support the charity Traidcraft as well as being about the real Easter story and not just the fluffy bunnies and Spring chicks that Easter can so easily become these days.

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  1. Very best of luck Rebecca with this Nectar challenge and I have to say that picture of you is stunning, you are so very beautiful. Mich x

    1. thanks Mich. I must be photogenic because I really DON'T look great in real life! x

  2. Love those cards! Ones to treasure for sure x Good luck in the nectar challenge x #loudnproud

  3. Sounds like an exciting project and those cards are beautiful!

  4. Well done on being a finalist. Your Mother's Day cards are beautiful I must admit, what a lucky mum!

  5. thanks - yes it is exciting and exhausting at the same time. x

  6. Lovely cards! Everything sounds very excited and I will definitely be taking a jaunt to the Nectar Savvy Blog to try to pick up some good money saving tips.What a clever family!

  7. Congratulations on becoming a finalist, it sounds very exciting and I'll have to check out your Nectar Savvy blog. It also looks like you're well stocked up for Easter now too!

  8. Well done on being a finalist also how sweet are your cards! Very lucky :) x

  9. Lovely Mothers Day's cards, and great that they were all a surprise for you. I think I need to go and check out some of your money saving tips now that bump number two is on the way.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  10. Ooooh how exciting! I love your cards and those eggs look great. I shall keep an eye out for them. x

  11. I love that button quote! So true about our mothers, and so ery sweet! Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day! Thanks for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason

  12. Congratulations on becoming a finalist! I love your cards and I hadn't heard of those eggs at all, what a great idea.


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