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Kids in the Kitchen: Easter egg fun!

We don't have a proper recipe to link up this week to Raisie Bay's Kids in the Kitchen, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy in the kitchen - more about that in a mo. But first we had a trip to Sainsbury's to pick up our groceries for our Nectar Savvy challenge for next week. As one of the 8 finalists in Nectar's search for the savviest family, we have been blogging on our family blog there over the past three weeks and there's three weeks more to go! 

We really are grateful to everyone who has been reading our Nectar Savvy blogposts and commenting on them as we really are putting in loads of effort (in fact, instead of leaving a comment on this post, why not pop over and pick one of our posts over there to comment on?)

We've blogged about Leisure and Hobbies in week 1, Holidays and Activities in week 2, and we've just come to the end of week 3 where we gave our top tips relating to getting those household expenses down in the Household and DIY theme. 

This coming week the theme is Food and Shopping including how we get on with the Sainsbury's Basics shopping challenge. Our local store manager had prepared our groceries from the Sainsbury's Basics range and we've got to come up with seven savvy main meals using them. 

We're trying to be really creative and inventive with our recipes so we are really challenging ourselves a lot and hopefully the kids will help out with the cooking too. 

Picking up our Nectar Savvy groceries from Sainsburys

What will we cook with our ingredients?
Now for this weeks Kids in the Kitchen. Instead of a full recipe, the kids just had a fun session in the kitchen with total free reign using icing sugar 'glue' and sweets and sprinkles to decorate some Easter eggs.
It was great fun just having some downtime in the kitchen without any pressure of having to come up with an 'end result' and it proved to be a fun morning activity for all three of them. A great way to relax before the pressure of next week!!!

If your kids have been helping in the kitchen, why not pop over and link up with Raisie Bay's kids in the kitchen linky - old and new posts welcome.
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  1. Good luck with this I'm just popping over to the Nectar site now x

  2. You know, I've never even thought about decorating chocolate eggs, what a lovely idea, I'm sure my kids will love to try this. I'm popping over to your Savvy blog now, I do love some good tips :)

  3. I've never thought about decorating chocolate eggs before. Bet it kept your children quiet for a good while :-)

  4. Another one who has never thought about decorating chocolate Easter eggs before; I bet my son would have had lots of fun doing this. Definitely something to remember for next year!

  5. Wow, that sounds like a BIG challenge, hope you're enjoying it! I find cooking with the kids very gratifying...for one, they're learning to make the kitchen their own (A life skill I was sorely denied) and they just have such an awesome time. Not to mention that hours go by without the need for tele or the Wii, which warms my heart. Bet the hoover would have a different tale to tell if it could ;P

  6. And another one! It seems you've inspired a lot of us with this post!

  7. Easters always a great opportunity to have fun in the kitchen! Looks like you've got a challenge on your hands this week! Thanks for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason


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